What Investigation?

Yesterday the world watched as the Democrats sought information from James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, about links between Russia and President Trump. The Republicans responded by attempting to deflect attention to this with diversive inquires as to how some information was leaked. It truly was comically to watch that sad little man Spicer attempt to control the inquiries and answer what he wanted to and provide slanted answers to the public’s questions.  Of course this is only my opinion, but for a more indepth look check out this New York Times article by Michael D. Shear. He is far more enlightening than I am.

“When Democrats pressed Mr. Comey on evidence of coordination between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russian operatives, Republicans questioned the F.B.I. director about how the names of those associates became public in news reports.”

I try my best to stay quiet and smile when people defend this buffoon, Donald Trump, but my patience is wearing thin. I don’t like that he somehow won the election and I hate having to look at his smug face everytime he makes a speech. #DumpTrump #Fake SOTU

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