SPAM Wars – My Take

As most people know when you use a webmail account from Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL, iCloud, Yahoo or others you end up with a lot of SPAM over time. These guys are relentless. Even when you use domain email it can happen. Here’s my take in order of abuse:

1. Apple (@iCloud, @Mac)

2. Gmail

3. AOL

4. Yahoo

5. Outlook (Hotmail)

Here’s the reason I love #Outlook. Finally something to like about Microsoft, what a surprise, right? Do I get spam? Of course, but they give me the option to BLOCK it. Even if it’s been received in the Junk Mail folder, I can review and block and NEVER see it again. Amazeballs!

#Gmail puts it in my Junk folder, but to actually stop seeing it, I would have to filter each mail to delete and ,honestly, it’s an unending battle. So, no it doesn’t hit the inbox, but the amount that comes into the junk mail folder is gi-normous! I truly try not to look, but seeing the unread number on my Junk folder disturbs me. So, I just have to empty it. Once I had to deactivate a domain alias just for this reason that was on the Gsuite/GoogleApps mail system. I was getting literally hundreds of spam generated from someone’s virus or spyware infection. Friends were reporting having received odd emails from me, so finally I removed the alias. No choice.

#Apple allows it into my inbox and then I have to forward/report the offending spam to which I do and it works for a while and then the battle begins again. Honestly I have an iCloud mail because I bought an Apple device. I don’t actually use it for anything except a few small vendors. By this I means, I only receive email, I don’t send email from it. So, you’d think it wouldn’t be possible for sniffers to pick it up – and be wrong. Sometimes these spamming episodes go on for days before the reporting takes affect. It’s quite stressful and often feels more like a cyber attack.

#AOL you mark the mail as junk or spam, but deleting is auto from the SPAM folder.

#Yahoo is the the same as AOL and GMAIL really.

So, there you have it. I know this will cause any change, but it’s my take on the #SpamWars. Thank you for reading my rant and have a great day!

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