SPAM Wars – My Take

As most people know when you use a webmail account from Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL, iCloud, Yahoo or others you end up with a lot of SPAM over time. These guys are relentless. Even when you use domain email it can happen. Here’s my take in order of abuse:

1. Apple (@iCloud, @Mac)

2. Gmail

3. AOL

4. Yahoo

5. Outlook (Hotmail)

Here’s the reason I love #Outlook. Finally something to like about Microsoft, what a surprise, right? Do I get spam? Of course, but they give me the option to BLOCK it. Even if it’s been received in the Junk Mail folder, I can review and block and NEVER see it again. Amazeballs!

#Gmail puts it in my Junk folder, but to actually stop seeing it, I would have to filter each mail to delete and ,honestly, it’s an unending battle. So, no it doesn’t hit the inbox, but the amount that comes into the junk mail folder is gi-normous! I truly try not to look, but seeing the unread number on my Junk folder disturbs me. So, I just have to empty it. Once I had to deactivate a domain alias just for this reason that was on the Gsuite/GoogleApps mail system. I was getting literally hundreds of spam generated from someone’s virus or spyware infection. Friends were reporting having received odd emails from me, so finally I removed the alias. No choice.

#Apple allows it into my inbox and then I have to forward/report the offending spam to which I do and it works for a while and then the battle begins again. Honestly I have an iCloud mail because I bought an Apple device. I don’t actually use it for anything except a few small vendors. By this I means, I only receive email, I don’t send email from it. So, you’d think it wouldn’t be possible for sniffers to pick it up – and be wrong. Sometimes these spamming episodes go on for days before the reporting takes affect. It’s quite stressful and often feels more like a cyber attack.

#AOL you mark the mail as junk or spam, but deleting is auto from the SPAM folder.

#Yahoo is the the same as AOL and GMAIL really.

So, there you have it. I know this will cause any change, but it’s my take on the #SpamWars. Thank you for reading my rant and have a great day!

What Investigation?

Yesterday the world watched as the Democrats sought information from James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, about links between Russia and President Trump. The Republicans responded by attempting to deflect attention to this with diversive inquires as to how some information was leaked. It truly was comically to watch that sad little man Spicer attempt to control the inquiries and answer what he wanted to and provide slanted answers to the public’s questions.  Of course this is only my opinion, but for a more indepth look check out this New York Times article by Michael D. Shear. He is far more enlightening than I am.

“When Democrats pressed Mr. Comey on evidence of coordination between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russian operatives, Republicans questioned the F.B.I. director about how the names of those associates became public in news reports.”

I try my best to stay quiet and smile when people defend this buffoon, Donald Trump, but my patience is wearing thin. I don’t like that he somehow won the election and I hate having to look at his smug face everytime he makes a speech. #DumpTrump #Fake SOTU

Out of Touch

It seems I haven’t written here in awhile. It’s raining today in Dhaka and we’ve progressed to understand that the people of Dhaka are fighters. Most of the time that is a good thing. We now worry about not only our students in Madrassas being taught a slanted version of Islam, but also our Private English Medium students.  Each one of them is at risk of being a target for an extremist.  That is a scary thought.

 This week in Dhaka we’ve had two security incidents. One was a suicide bomber and the other may have been on the path to either that or something more sinister. All we know is he was carrying explosives.
While I.S. is out there taking claim for every atrocious incident, the government and local law authorities says they have found no links between these terrorists and Islamic State. They may believe in the doctrine of I.S., but they are directly not linked to them. Does that make anyone feel better?
This is the world today. It really doesn’t matter what country you’re in, there will be security incidents.
Then we have the day-to-day issues caused by an unfit President, Donald Trump. I really don’t feel like writing about him. It depresses me. Every day he says or does something that is just unimaginable and that no President before him has done. Perhaps this goes along with the NEW WORLD ORDER. Who knows!  For me the biggest issue of all has been the intelligence revealed about the Russian links and alleged involvement in our election process. Even if it could not be proved when it came to light, it should have been enough to void the election. How could we even imagine a President coming to power with so many unanswered questions about how he got there? While unprecedented, a new vote should have been scheduled. Yes, unprecedented and historic vote that would show the world that we don’t accept corrupt politicians as a President in our White House. However, in view of everything this President has done that is unprecedented and each more atrocious than anything we’ve experienced in our history, a second look and vote was necessary.

In many ways there are parallels with between life and fiction, take a look at Netflix’s new show Designated Survivor and perhaps you’ll see what I mean.


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.58.47 PM

Weeping silently her breast trembled
Dearest son wiped her tears away, promising a better tomorrow

He watched the path from whence he came
Walking forward proudly, never hiding his face in shame
I am a Bangali he told those who asked

He charmed his beloved people, gathered friends among the masses
When they were hopeless, he gave them hope
When they were defiled, he became defiant
Gathered all Bangalis, the determined plan

Enemies devised action upon action to thwart his every move
Bangalies were hurting this he knew well
Anger, frustration, enemies killed his precious Bangalis
March 25th, 1971 the day no one could forget
Tanks, soldiers killing Bangalis until the early dawn
Death did not control his ferocious Bangalis
Their fortitude increased

Bangabandhu raised his head from her breast, wiped her tears away
‘Hush’ he whispered in her ear. “Your children will suffer no more”
He led his Bangalis from war to freedom, keeping promises made long ago
An independent Bangladesh, a brighter today

originally published in "Poems on Bangabondhu in Different Languages" in 2004 and appeared in the column Coming of Age featured in Weekly Bengalee Newspaper in 1994.


Dhaka Morning View

Misty fog surrounds the trees
I wrap my shawl tighter around
Blocking the cold drafts surrounding me
I can see the men wrapped in shawls wearing lungees
Their heads wrapped in cotton scarves
Huddled closely around a fire nearby

Rickshaws pass by ringing their bells loudly
Dogs bark at street noises and a kitty wanders in under the gate
In the distance the wail of a train’s horn and
Cars beeping as they go this way and that through the streets
To their destinations in various parts of the city

The clouds shifting back and forth
The mist of the fog melting away  to
A glimmer of the sun peaking through
Giving promise to a beautiful day ahead
Green, golden and beautiful
Breaks the dawn in Bangladesh

My Connecticut Home

When I think of you
It is the smell of the air before the rain
The crunch of fallen red gold leaves   Of the old Oak tree
The red of my cheeks on a cold, Winter day

When I think of you
I am riding my bicycle around the neighborhood
The smell the coffee brewing
Hamburgers & Steaks
We are playing shark in the pool in Summer

When I think of you
The fog is so thick you can’t see anything
The brook flows freely
The birds chirp while they eat
The street is clean and clear
The field just a stone’s throw away in Spring

When I think of you
It is home and tears threaten to fall
I miss the sights, the smells and visions of you
I am you and you are me
I see you when I sleep and wish we were together
Back home again, in Connecticut


I See You

Through the mist
Through the clouds
Through the rain
I see you

Through the sadness
Through the hurt
Through the pain
I see you

Through trouble
Through success
Through heartbreak
Through love
I see you

I see you
I see you
I see you